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Google Ads Audit

Get a Health Check (Lead Gen or Ecommerce business)

Are You Maximising The Power Of Google Ads?

We understand the importance of effectively managing your Google Ads campaigns to ensure that you are getting the best return on your advertising investment and getting ad investments to achieve YOUR business goals. Get clarity on what’s actually happening!

If you have asked yourself these questions, you may want to get an audit:

– If your goals are revenue and leads but you’re being reported on vanity metrics i.e. impression and clicks we have a problem!
– My revenue is healthy and hitting lead goals but I think there could be wasted spend
– Are we maximising ad spend if my Google Ads account strategy doesn’t consider my CRM data and segmentation?
– Are we using old Google Ads structures? Seriously – I’ve seen REALLY REALLY OLD account structures, SUPER outdated.
– Are we missing any opportunities in Google Ads?
– Are we making any mistakes that could hurt our ad performance and investment?
– I don’t know what else we can do in Google ads – it feels stagnant when I want growth.
– We run basic campaigns and haven’t tried other campaign types like performance max and more.

With A Fresh Pair Of Eyes

Identify Gaps, New Opportunities & Catch Those Leaky Buckets

Your ad investment is hard earned money. Make sure it’s used effectively. During our audit process, we will thoroughly review your account and provide recommendations on how to improve your account, for example:

Conversion tracking: We’ll review your conversion tracking setup to ensure that you are accurately measuring the success of your campaigns.
Conversion rate optimization opportunities
Bid management: We’ll review your bid strategies and make recommendations on how to adjust them to improve your return on investment (ROI). Where relevant and possible experiment with different bid strategies, structures and more.
Campaign structure and organisation: We’ll examine your current campaign structure and make recommendations on how to organise your campaigns and ad groups for maximum efficiency.
– Looking for wasted spend in the account
– And providing feedback on ad copy and creatives that could be tested/improved

Don’t Throw Money Down The Drain

Get A Roadmap Of Recommendations

This isn’t just any regular audit. You will get a strategic document with recommendations on how you could use HubSpot better to achieve your marketing and sales needs.

After completing our audit, we’ll provide you with a detailed report outlining our findings and recommendations for improving your Google Ads campaigns. We’ll also work with you to implement these recommendations and track the results to ensure that your account is performing at its best.

To get started with our Google Ads audit service, simply contact us today by filling in the form below. 

Want To Know More?


Depending on the size of the business/account, it can range between 3-8 business days. 

At the end of the audit, you will get an unbiased list of ideas/items on what areas are working well, how you can improve your Google Ads account, major warning signs that could lead to detrimental outcomes in the future, hidden mistakes, lost opportunities, and other nice-to-have actions you may like to consider implementing in the future. You’ll get the what, why & how.

Yes, you will be introduced to our recommended partners for Bing and Facebook/Instagram. They may offer TikTok, Pinterest and Linkedin as well. Gather ‘n’ Grow personally do not do beyond HubSpot and Google ads work at this point in time.

Sure thing – very happy to guide you along the way so that you understand what is happening in your account, how to spot check, how to give ideas that will benefit the account and business in the long run. In fact I encourage you to skill up even just a bit so you aren’t outsourcing work blindly.


Training will be cost out separately and tailored to your needs and depending on the intensity/extensiveness.

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