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Co-Working Space – Disconnected Systems & Data Inconsistencies

The Challenge

The Problem

A shared co-working space that has an unrivalled set of member perks.

Offering beautiful and customisable office space, where stuff gets fixed by people who care. All under flexible membership plans with no hidden fees down under. Joined by other startups, agencies and growing companies in a forward-thinking community that cares about its impact.

This co-working space wanted to ensure that their business provided effective branding campaigns to generate new leads and to nurture new customers. Utilising HubSpot ensured a single view of the customer and streamlined the process for Sales and Marketing with campaigns, messaging, onboarding and reporting.

How We Resolved

The Solution

Initially, they stored data across multiple sources including spreadsheets, Sales CRM tools or through word of mouth amongst small business communities. With the help of a HubSpot expert, a solid foundation was built which can be maintained and continuously optimised and improved on. HubSpot capabilities offer a single view of the business’ customer base and powers all marketing activities, social media scheduling, measuring productivity, performance, and segment data easily.
How It Positively Impacted The Business

The Outcome

Communication is key when growing your business. Just like any other business, would communicate via various tools for emails and eDMs. However, finding that different communication channels are stored separately caused inconsistencies with messaging and maintaining a healthy list of contacts and subscribers. Tracking and maintaining a subscriber and unsubscriber list was also a challenge and a risk, posing a GDPR risk that required a fast resolution. With HubSpot now being the control centre for them, the business can have full scope and better context of shared records in emails, tasks, Sales notes, Marketing pages and meetings that can perform faster leads.

This co-working space advocates the use of HubSpot as the primary tool for Sales and Marketing. HubSpot is a powerful and easy-to-use central source of CRM data and essential for businesses to grow better and deliver incredible customer experiences.