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Top 15 Ways HubSpot Can Help Your coworking Space

The coworking Space Industry has turned upside down when the pandemic started. Fast forward to a few years later, living in a post-covid world and with the hybrid workplace proving here to stay, the industry is beginning to adapt, recover and in the near future – thrive even more as people are becoming receptive of the idea.

Like most businesses in the growth and scaling stage, you might be prioritising automating as many many processes as possible, building reports to identify insights and starting to realise how critical your CRM data is. That’s when a software like HubSpot comes into the picture.

What Is A CRM?

CRM is a central location that allows you to record existing and prospective customer’s contact details and essential info, identify sales opportunities, and manage marketing campaigns. It stores valuable information about every member’s interaction available to you and your team any time they need it.

When data is visible and easy to access, it’s much easier to increase productivity. Your team can see every contact’s communications, activity history, deals, payments and more.

Below is a comprehensive list of how your coworking space can leverage HubSpot to grow – sustainably:

  1. Build Reports From Within HubSpot – Of course, data in = data out so what we put in matters. By having the data in one place, we can create custom reports to extract insights from contact, company, deal, ticket data easily.

    We can slice and dice contact AND deal data so we can build reports such as:
    • How much revenue was brought in this month broken down by company type
    • How much revenue was brought in this quarter broken down by deal type (i.e. monthly office, dedicated desk, walk ins)
    • How many customer complaint tickets were created this month broken down by company type
    • Deal close rate broken down by deal type
    • What’s the forecasted deal amount this quarter
    • How many deals were churned or downgraded this month broken down by deal type


  2. Member Management – See all your members and their respective data, update plans, review invoices, and manage bookings in just one click. However, you will still require your current tool to manage your workspace like OfficeRnD, Smarten Spaces, Engage.

    This allows you to provide better and more personalised customer support as there’ll be more shared context about the member.
  3. HubSpot Meetings Links – Save time following up to get meetings booked in and give the power to your prospect to book in meetings (virtual or in-person tours) by letting your prospects/customers pick a time they’re available that you determine on your calendar and get more bookings in. We can manage distribution of leads amongst your sales team using the round robin feature.

    So let’s say you have 3 sites and different team members at different or overlapping sites. Simply select which team member’s availability should be shown for the relevant sites then the prospect uses the one meeting link and HubSpot will automatically distribute the leads as evenly as possible – depending on the team members’ calendar availability. Make the experience for your prospective member as simple and smooth as possible!

    Your salespeople/customer success team members can have their individual meeting links too so that they can manage their meetings with prospects and members after/
  4. Forms – It’s very common for businesses to have their website forms hosted on the website and then synced to pass information into the CRM. This can result in issues if there’s a malfunction between forms and HubSpot. Super risky!

    By using HubSpot forms directly on the website, every form submission either creates a new contact automatically or updates an existing contact inside the CRM. One less thing to worry about, one less thing to go wrong.

    The form submission is also time stamped and linked to the heart of your data. This can then be used for marketing and sales segmentation, automated emails, nurture emails and more.
  5. Automated Nurture Emails – The tried and tested strategy of email marketing still has so much to offer this year and beyond. Once you’ve a solid working strategy, it’s set and forget from there – the beauty of automation. Making your coworking space more efficient.

    With HubSpot’s super flexible and powerful workflow feature (automation), you’d be able to send out personalised, targeted and relevant content to your members and prospects.

    You can send personalised emails for each individual, from new visitors to repeat members, timely emails to ensure the customers continue to renew their membership, onboard new members, optimise prospect tours, there’s a lot of ways your space can use automation. Happy to discuss further!

    If you combine this with customer analytics, you can review and refine your targeting in the long run to see what works best for you.

    Automated Nurture Emails

  6. Task Automation – Why do things manually (and have things possibly fall through the cracks) when a machine can accurately perform tasks 100% accurately? For instance, data updates instead of a human needing to input data, visitor check-in follow ups, brochure download follow ups, renewal check-ins and sending various notifications. Automate as much of your admin tasks to be well on your way to productivity!

    Plus, having tasks against the contact/company/deal/ticket record encourages greater accountability and transparency between teams and commitment to SLAs.
  7. Sales Pipeline – Automate post-sales activities, manage deals for the internal team members and future customers too. Be able to easily track new, renewals, cross-sells, up-sells and downgrades and build a live dashboard that the team can refer to anytime. We love this because you as the manager/owner should have a pulse on the business easily and at all times.

    Sales Pipeline

  8. Internal Notification Emails – Notify salespeople the minute a prospect opens their email, visits your website, downloads a brochure and more. These can be set up to suit your needs. Really depends on what’s useful for your team and your coworking space!
  9. Integrations – Bring all your software together and integrate as much that’s relevant and suitable with HubSpot. Some examples may include FreshBooks, Xero, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Outlook, Envoy, OfficeRnD, ZenDesk, HelloSign and more.
  10. PandaDoc Integration – Send proposals from HubSpot effortlessly and have visibility on the status without leaving HubSpot. PD tools can be synced with Stripe to get payments done after contract signing or whenever you prefer.

    Besides being a HubSpot partner and HubSpot evangelists, we also are PandaDoc resellers. We like PandaDoc because it’s flexible and integrates well with HubSpot. You can even automatically populate data in your proposals/documents using HubSpot information – making churning out proposals easier and faster. There are even more benefits such as automation to streamline your sales and approval processes which we can discuss further if you’d like to learn more. As resellers, we can get you special PandaDoc rates too.

    Watch video:

    PandaDoc Integration

  11. Eventbrite Integration – Community is the heart of coworking spaces. That’s why events are a great way for the public and your members to bring their friends to events hosted in your coworking spaces to experience. It’s a great indirect marketing channel as it’s an opportunity for prospects to have a taste of what your coworking space is like.

    As we know prospects don’t convert fast so being able to track how effective events are for lead generation and nurturing is vital. With a direct integration between Eventbrite and HubSpot, we can see who registered vs attended each event and if it’s a new contact that didn’t exist in HubSpot before, the contact will be created automatically.
  12. Sales Sequences – Cold outreach is not dead. It can be quite time consuming and difficult to manage without the right tech stack. With HubSpot “Sales Sequences”, you can do personal outreach at scale – without losing the personal touch, set tasks to be automatically created for your sales team to connect on Linkedin or give the lead a call. Simply put a prospect through a sales sequence and then it’s “set and forget”. Think of it as automation for sales people.

    Sales Sequences

  13. ABM – Focus on the right clients for your coworking space buyer persona or ideal client profile. Identify, add and categorise new leads quickly and prioritise the opportunities to close deals, and nurture warm leads.
  14. Slack Integration – Do you use Slack for internal team communication? If you do, the native integration with HubSpot is a great way to build and maintain growth momentum in your team by automatically sharing wins whenever you successfully close a deal along with the amount, sales rep and new member company name. This is just one of many automation examples that can be created.
  15. Host Website on HubSpot – Focus on capturing leads without the need for third party tools. Easy to edit, complete and safe to use with high improbability to be hacked due to no need for plugins.

    One of our favourite features not found in other marketing automation/CMS tools are HubSpot’s “smart content”. It’s literally smart!

    With “Smart content”, we can show different content to different people based on information we know about them from the CRM – what state they belong to, how far down they are in the customer journey, what resource they’ve engaged with in the past and so on. Talk about personalised!
  16. Bonus: Ad Integration – Clicks don’t equate to revenue that’s why your ad reporting should go beyond vanity metrics like impressions, clicks but rather, conversions. That’s why HubSpot’s ads software goes beyond traditional ad metrics like impressions, clicks, and cost-per-click to report on actual leads and ROI generated by every Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google ad. You can see what exact ad, ad group/ad set and campaign the prospect/member interacted with right from the HubSpot contact timeline and build remarketing audiences easily. There’s no need to export and import data (which is a data hazard too). Build your remarketing ads right from within your CRM which automatically updates the remarketing lists in your account (yup, it’s in realtime) and if you’re doing advanced ads, you’ll be keen to hear that there’s an easier setup for Google Ads offline conversion tracking

    Ad Integration

  17. Bonus: Post-Sales Service – There’s no need to pay for a separate software specialising in chatbots, customer feedback surveys and NPS – you can do all these with HubSpot.

    Drag and drop your chosen template to easily create surveys and customise chatbot according to your coworking needs. Have access to Knowledge base – a resource library specific to your company’s product or service offering.

    As we know, renewals and ongoing memberships are crucial for the cashflow of coworking spaces. You can create a smoother post-sale handoff from sales to operations, automated tasks for sales/community manager to proactively check in with the member before renewals etc.

Needless to say, a CRM is vital if you want to streamline business processes and build meaningful relationships with your members and scale your coworking space business sustainably. This does not erase the fact that there are some tools that you’ll still need (apps specialising in accounting, billing, invoicing, payroll, project management, workspace management etc).

With the right tech stack, you can paint a better, more accurate picture of your business, sales pipeline, member engagement and prospect engagement. You’ll be able to more easily spot problems early, identify gaps, and improve your processes.

If you’re curious about how HubSpot can work for your coworking, book a meeting with us at your most convenient time. Simply click this link to schedule a call with us or email if you can’t find a suitable time. We’d love to learn more about your coworking space and how we could work with you to automate more and further improve processes. Hope to chat to you soon 🙂