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INBOUND19 Recap – New HubSpot Product Updates

Inbound19 Product Update Recap Blog

Another year, Another INBOUND.

It’s that time of year again where HubSpotters, digital marketing agencies, product marketers, CEOs, marketers, salespeople and customer success teams from all around the world gather to learn from industry and business leaders, network with each other and hear the latest product updates from HubSpot.

HubSpot focused their product development and updates with 3 central themes (aka guiding principles):

  • Make things easier (No more Hubs)
  • I need more (Enterprise functionalities and integrations)
  • I’m on a tight budget (Building businesses in a sustainable way)

CRM Updates

Deduplication Tool

No more bad data, no more double handling, no spreadsheets, no extra costs. Simply better customer and employee experience. If you’ve HubSpot Professional or Enterprise account, you can use the duplicate management tool to deduplicate contacts and companies.

HubSpot deduplicates in multiple ways: usertoken (HubSpot cookie), email addresses, company domain name and object ID.

More Integrations

Having access to more easy integrations with HubSpot means businesses can turbocharge their flywheel by bringing all the applications or software into 1 central place – without the need of custom APIs, third party APIs and IT help. Yup, even marketers can do it without getting stuck in tech jargon and code.

Permission Sets

For large businesses using HubSpot, it can take some to appropriately assign permissions/access to departments across the business. Now with permission sets, you can easily assign permissions across groups – so that the right people get the right access at the right time.

Single Sign On (SSO) & Two-factor Authentication (2FA)

Data protection and privacy is a hot topic today. If you are on Enterprise, you will be able to set up Single Sign On. To add an extra layer of security on your username and password, you might want to consider getting your team to set up two-factor authentication (2FA) which basically adds another verification step.

Increased API Limits

Getting a little geek-y here. If you build your own custom APIs to integrate software with HubSpot, you’ll be happy to know there’s increased API burst limits of 100 calls per 10 seconds per app per portal with a ceiling of 250,000 – 1,000,000 (depending on your level of HubSpot & addons).

Multiple Lead Scores

Today, HubSpot users have access to “score” as a property type like “dropdown,” “checkbox,” etc. Enterprise users get 25 scoring properties and all Professional users get 1 scoring property. To learn why you might want to use multiple scores, read this article.

Resubscribe Manually Opted-out Contacts

This isn’t the latest news but it’s worth commenting on it again. As marketers and sales people, we can easily put the wrong contacts in the opt-out list and accidentally unsubscribe contacts from within HubSpot.

Previously, reversing this action is impossible without the help from HubSpot or the contact themselves choosing to resubscribe. For businesses depending on emailing their database, this would have been a big problem. But now, we can all resubscribe opted-out contacts! Just stay GDPR-friendly, my friends!

More Features With HubSpot Free

With the goal of helping businesses grow with a tight budget, HubSpot’s expanded the functionalities available on HubSpot free.

Now businesses can create emails easily with the drag-and-drop functionality, send marketing emails for free AND run your Google Ads/Facebook Ads/Linkedin Ads right from within HubSpot. Oh and there’s a 98.21% email deliverability rate!

Internal Comments

Right from HubSpot live chat/conversations tool, you can tag the relevant internal team member to help you with your questions. Simply head over to the “Comment” tab and ping your colleagues. Similar to Intercom where you can tag your teammates and get their support answering prospect & customer enquiries.

Marketing Hub Updates

New Content Editor

If you’re a marketer or business owner that freezes up when you look at the backend landing page templates and like to be able to make changes on your own, you are going to love the drag-and-drop landing page and knowledge base builder in Marketing Starter.

Workflow Folders

If you use workflows quite extensively in HubSpot, you’ll find that it becomes quite difficult to manage and find (especially if there’s no naming convention keeping your HubSpot portal clean and tight). Now, there will be folders in workflows for better asset organisation!

Link Branches In Workflows To One Another

This has been a long time coming. Now we are able to link branches in workflows to one another. This means businesses get to save time having to build out similar logic, keep workflow design clean and elegant and reduce room for error!

Dynamic Adaptive Page Testing

For HubSpot Marketing Enterprise customers, you can create adaptive tests for landing pages or website pages. You can test up to 5 variations at any one time. How this works is HubSpot will automatically show the page that performs better to visitors. HubSpot uses the same AI that is used for the deduplication tool.

Reporting drill downs

Previously, HubSpot’s reports are quite simple. What you see is what you get kinda thing. But that’s not enough for data-driven businesses. Now, marketers, customer success managers and salespeople can dive into data to make better decisions. The new functionality works with all dashboard reports, including cross-dataset reports from the report builder – read more here.

Campaign Attribution Reporting

If you’ve used HubSpot in the previous years, you’ll notice a big change in the campaign reporting. Now you can tie your marketing efforts directly to the bottom line, from first touch to closed deals. You’ll notice extra data such as new & influenced contacts, closed deals, influenced revenue and campaign influence over time in the Campaigns Report.

The influenced data is important because as we all know, prospects don’t convert immediately and it’s only fair to give the campaign credit for assisting leads throughout their buying experience.

Multiple Shopify Stores To HubSpot

Many businesses might start with one store and expand to have multiple Shopify stores as the business grows. As inbound marketers, we know how important it is to be managing the contacts appropriately and nurturing your prospects to become customers & customers to become fans – all in one central place, in HubSpot.

Automated Follow Up Emails

This is a simple update with a powerful impact for small businesses that need to work with a small budget in order to grow. Now, Marketing Starters get up to 3 follow up emails after a form submission.

Zoom Updates

If you use or are thinking of using Zoom as a webinar software, you’re in for a treat. With the new Zoom and HubSpot integration update, you’ll now be able to see who registered and attended the webinar and how long they stayed on the webinar for. Of course those contacts would need to exist in HubSpot CRM.

This means as a marketer you’re able to better segment the webinar registrations and attendees with this data and easily send more targeted emails to different audiences!

Service Hub Updates

Advocacy Automation

use automation from NPS responses to generate advocates who rave about your business – trigger tasks, deals, quotes, emails. Build a process around feedback is key to growing better. Template and repeat

Sales Hub Updates

Inbox Collaboration HubSpot Live Chat & Facebook Messenger

Tired of replying to conversations via website and Facebook Messenger? Now you’ll be able to reply and manage all conversations from your website live chat and Facebook Messenger right from within HubSpot.

This means it’s logged into your CRM and everyone across your business can have the full context of previous communication and help deliver a more connected end-to-end experience. It’s currently in beta so stay tuned or sign up for beta, if you can!

Improved Reporting In Sequences

For Sales Pro and Enterprise users, you can add sequences and review the performances of the selected sequences at a glance to get a breakdown of your sequences’ performance.

In overview metrics section, you can choose up to 7 metrics to tell the story of how your contacts are engaging with your sales sequences. Read this article for a deep dive into reporting in HubSpot Sequences and the extra metrics you get as a Sales Pro & Enterprise user.

Calling From HubSpot Mobile App

The option to call using HubSpot VoIP is no longer available. Calls will now only be made via your mobile provider, with the goal of a more reliable calling experience. You won’t be able to log calls (hopefully in the future it’s possible) but you’ll be prompted to leave notes and call outcomes. Another alternative is using call providers that integrate with HubSpot such as AirCall.

Q&A Fields In Playbooks

With HubSpot Playbooks, sales people can use it as a guide for their calls (demo, discovery, lead qualification etc). The playbook will prompt them with notes, content and ideas and also leave question fields for the salesperson to fill in throughout their call. Best of all, the fields get stored into the CRM contact properties – LOVE IT.

Previously, Q&A fields could only be tied to a handful of properties. Now, you can now map single-line text, multi-line text, and number properties to playbook question and answer fields. This helps save time and improve the quality of CRM data.

Calculated Properties

Ever wished you could do additions and subtractions with the values in your contact properties? Well, now you can with HubSpot Sales Pro.

Product Catalogue & Stripe

As HubSpot’s VP of Product says, if a customer is ready to buy, let them! Now, salespeople will be able to offer a faster and more seamless buying experience by creating a CTA button that directly connects a product to the product catalogue. The purchase transaction will be managed by Stripe, which is a separate Stripe subscription.

That’s a wrap for now! Some of the product updates are already live and some are in beta. Stay tuned and use this time to plan how you are going to maximise HubSpot tools (Free, Starter, Pro and Enterprise) to facilitate your business’ success.

If you are feeling overwhelm by all these changes and not sure where to begin, book a time with Alyssa using this calendar meeting link.