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Automate Your Sales Documents With PandaDoc

Making proposals is time consuming. Sure, you love building strong relationships and finding the right solutions to the right problems but the daunting part is spending long hours sitting on your desk, creating proposals, getting all the variables right and making sure no ‘typo’ was made.

Fast forward, the client wants to change the numbers, then you’d have to edit the original document, change fields, assign the fields and re-upload a static PDF version. Your life will be so much more simpler if you have an editable template to create proposals quickly and make edits in no time.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is called automation. Benefit? It streamlines the process of creating, approving, and eSigning proposals, quotes, and contracts.

A Single Tool from Creation to eSignature

Provide smooth customer experience and simplify approvals and negotiations with PandaDoc.

  • Create sales documents anytime & anywhere
  • Easily create proposals or contracts in minutes with drag-and-drop editor and one-click uploads
  • Get notified when proposal is viewed and completed
  • Collect eSignatures 
  • Automate receiving and signing documents 
  • Seamless collaboration internally and externally with approval flows, redlining, version tracking and commenting (document approval workflows)

Reduce your Close Time

Respond swiftly and use customisation to your advantage. 

You can also integrate PandaDoc with Stripe so people can pay right at the point they’re signing – speeding up the close process and reducing the likelihood of proposals falling through. Win!

  • Customisable templates feature allowing for branding styles, themes, and personalization
  • Pull in customers and deal data from CRM, and add legal clauses or approved marketing collateral from your content library
  • Automatically move deals forward – for you! You don’t need to lift a finger. Note: You’ll need Zapier for this.
  • Organise your documents in one single location and provide everyone in your team with easy access
  • Reminders to follow-up on pending approvals, signing or payment requests – automatically done for you. The future is workflow automation.

Impress at Every Step

Make every document personal with one click.

  • Personalization can be painless – simply merge your templates with your CRM to enable data transfer (via PandaDoc tokens)
  • No idea how to design your templates with your branding style but still want it to look professional? Find some inspiration in the free libraries of professionally designed templates
  • Ditch the PDFs or Word Doc
  • Digital documents don’t have to be boring – add videos, links, optional pricing  or comments to continue a live conversation with your customers

Real Opportunity Insights

Stop being left in the dark and come into the light with customer engagement. Track in real time whether your recipients viewed the document you sent or not, and understand their engagement level.

  • Take action with real-time alerts
  • Receive immediate notification via mobile and email if your document was opened, viewed, and signed or when it’s time to renew the agreement.
  • Refine the best performing content by tracking templates and content library usage details.

Transfer Data from One Document to Another

Easily transfer contact variables from one document format to another.

  • Push contact details, variable values, and pricing information from one document into another. This is beneficial if you want to create a contract from a proposal or invoice from a contract.

There you have it! This is everything you can do by automating and modernising your proposal process with PandaDoc – and hopefully more in the future! Make your life easier by using an all-in-one tool to create, collaborate, and eSign documents.

Stay informed and respond quickly through a high volume of incoming leads. Set yourself up for success by spending less time with documents and more in doing valuable work. If you are new to proposal softwares and want to learn more, check out this blog on how to choose proposal management software.

As a PandaDoc partner, we can help get you started, integrating with CRM and better pricing option. Chat with us to learn more.