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9 Must-Have HubSpot Integrations For Event Marketers

Event marketing – whether it’s online or offline – is all about current and potential customers’ experiences with the brand, product/service and the company. It’s a great way for businesses to educate potential customers on the product/service or topics of interests and share why they should be the preferred option to help solve their problems.

Generally, event marketing is not a cheap marketing activity but very much an effective one. So to maximise your events, you will need to build a strong strategy that includes all phases of an event: before, during and after. 

Keep reading to learn the 9 HubSpot integrations every event marketer should use in event marketing.


As marketers you might be familiar with Eventbrite, the world’s largest and most popular event technology platform. If your event is a public event, Eventbrite is also great to reach new audiences as users can find events based on interests and location.

Power up with this integration so that you can sync event tracking, event registration and attendance data right from HubSpot! Thanks to HubSpot, this native integration with Eventbrite is easy and seamless and allows marketers to do some pretty cool things. 

What you get from this integration:

  1. Every event created in Eventbrite will automatically be created in HubSpot
  2. You can choose to sync or not sync events, as you wish
  3. Slice and dice Eventbrite attendees and registration data using HubSpot list
  4. Events registered will be shown on the contact timeline. Eg: Sue from company W who opened email X registered for event Y became a customer on date Z.


Eventable, the world’s leading calendar marketing platform, has an “Add To Calendar” feature which is awesome for event marketers to get a better indication on whether someone is reaally going to attend the event. 

The only downside (at this point of publish) is that there’s no integration with Eventbrite and HubSpot so the data in each platform is slightly disjointed. But in my books, it’s better than nothing! Let’s hope that HubSpot creates this integration soon.

What I’d love to see happen is Eventable interactions mapped against the contact timeline in HubSpot and be automatically updated in Eventbrite. Being able to know whether leads have added to calendar, cancelled event on their calendar and have all the information consistent in Eventbrite, Eventable and HubSpot is powerful.


Tired of losing business cards? Us too.

If you’re managing an event or a booth at an event, you’ll be meeting a lot of people and receiving many business cards. To reduce the hassle of safe keeping the business cards and manual data entry, consider using Haystack, a digital business card software.

Simply scan the business card and the data will transfer automatically into HubSpot. One of the amazing features is the Haystack analytics. Being able to track cards’ activations, shares, views and actions performed by digital card recipient can help tie online and offline marketing more effectively.

This is a great solution for networking and sales teams. Bet you never thought you could get data from business cards 😉

InboundAddons or Textiful

Any event marketer will be familiar with the concept of event drop-offs. Unfortunately, it’s common to have drop-offs between registrations and actual attendance. Perhaps other commitments got in their way, they lost interest leading up to the event or simply forgot.

That’s where SMS reminders come in. According to Tech Jury, more than 60% of the world’s population use mobile phones. No wonder text messages have proven to help increase attendance rates and event ROI.

Even better yet, incorporate SMS in your marketing automation so you can set and forget and be rest assured that your text messages will go out at the right time and to the right people. It’s time to say goodbye to manual imports!

Tip: You may want to consider sending different SMS messages to those who have registered, non-members, return customers, super members, partners and new customers. Even text messages should be as hyper targeted as possible.

Not all SMS providers allow text messages to be sent right from HubSpot workflows though. We recommend using Inbound Addons, Textiful and JustCall as they are HubSpot certified connect partners & allow automated text messages to be sent via HubSpot workflows. The best option for you will depend on your budget and location.

With our human attention span down to a low of 8 second (that’s less than a goldfish by the way), SMS for event marketing as never been more critical!


Chatbots can serve multi-purposes in event marketing and event management. It can be used for selling more tickets, an additional customer service team member, increase audience engagement, upsell or cross-selling to customers, brand engagement or even a personal assistant to your audience. If you’re anything like me, I often lose printed agendas, need directions and more information on speakers or schedules!

Done right and it can uplift your customer’s experience.

My first experience was back at the INBOUND conference I attended in 2017. Our breakout sessions were held in a huge conference hall with multiple floors and rooms. Since the chatbot already knew my event schedule, it prompted me with reminders that I had a session coming up with all the details I needed. Of course, I lost my way but thankfully the chatbot could help me out as I couldn’t find help around me. It saved the day!


Cvent’s a popular choice for event managers of larger events. It’s more than just an event management software – it gives businesses more visibility across the events in terms of expenditure, adherence to compliance, attendee experience, attendee per session and much more.

 By integrating Cvent and HubSpot, you will be able to marry event management and inbound marketing together. Using BedRock Data, the event information from Cvent (including registration and attendance) will be displayed against the contact record in HubSpot. 

This means you will be able to see how the contact interacted with the marketing activities and events. Especially in B2B where you will more likely have follow ups, product demos or meetings to book after the event, this integration gives sales teams the necessary context to have better sales calls.


In event management where you have many things to juggle and people to coordinate with, having a collaborative communication channel can help run events more smoothly. You can create public and/or private channels to have different chats with different teams.

For example, if you are a wedding planning business. You might have a general channel that includes everyone that’s part of the project, a channel for florists and a channel for marketing.

Tip: Use the Slack bot as your personal assistant to act as a reminder, set meetings, create tasks in your project management tool, upload files into Google Drive, save your notes and much more. Read this article on Mashable.

For some businesses, Slack can be a great community building platform too. Right from within Slack, you can create a public channel to allow all members to share information and network. Awesome lead gen channel. You can also create private channels for more exclusive, VIP communities. This could be for paid members or for specific paid events. It’s a great for networking whilst creating a sense of inclusivity – which we, as humans crave for! 

The best part is it integrates directly with HubSpot. You can use Slack commands to create HubSpot tasks and have the tasks associated to a contact, company or deal, right from Slack interface itself. You’ll get notified in Slack when you get mentioned in the CRM too. This way you won’t miss anything and can sky-rocket your productivity levels.

Project management tools

Using a project management tool such as Accelo, Teamwork and Asana can tremendously help you to plan the marketing for events more effectively. The best part about integrating them with HubSpot workflows is that you’ll be able to set automated tasks to be created in the project management software based on triggers. 

For example, if you have a sign up with XYZ criteria indicating it’s an enterprise sale, you can automatically create a task in Asana for your team to follow up on.

There are many more use cases for event marketing, the world’s really your oyster!

Video Making Tools

According to research, statistics show that 79% of people become more convinced to buy a product or service after watching a brand’s videos and 68% of people say they prefer to learn about a new product or service by watching short videos. 

If you’re not doing video marketing today, you’re really missing out on leaving a lasting impact on your audience and creating a real buzz and FOMO to your events. 

Some of the types of videos you should consider creating for event marketing are short testimonial videos of your customers raving about the event, sneak peek videos of the last event, snippets of what they will get by attending your events. Here are more ideas by Eventbrite. Think about videos for before, during and after the events.

Making videos shouldn’t be difficult or expensive and should be easily used in your marketing activities. Video making tools such as Animoto, Powtoon and Promo integrates well with HubSpot so that you can send videos into HubSpot’s File Manager in one-click and start using it in your inbound marketing campaigns.

So there you have it. My top 9 HubSpot integrations to help you step up your event marketing game.

Make the most of HubSpot integrations to reduce friction in your workload and free up time and creative space to do work that impacts your business’s bottom line. 

Need help creating a tailored event marketing strategy that you can use over and over again? Book a time with me.