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25 End of Year Reflection Questions to Help Your Business Level Up

This year has been a whirlwind – it was the beginning to coming out of the pandemic and life is back to normal. That meant back to business operations, for some working in the office, face to face meetings and more work.

It can seem like this year has flown by so fast and Christmas is already fast approaching when you’ve just been busy getting your business up and running.But it is of uttermost importance to devote time to review what has happened this past year. 

What went well? What practices should you keep? What do you need to stop doing?

Reviewing the last 12 months will help you with whatever goal you have for your business – maximising earning potential, supporting your employees more, increasing your time off work, it will help you move forward and get better.

Since each business is unique, I’m not going to suggest a generic way to do your business review. Instead, here are nine questions to help you reflect on the goals you wanted to accomplish, some mindsets to declutter and what you can do to create a vision for the upcoming year.

Here are some of the questions to help you reflect on the goals you wanted to accomplish, create a vision and hopefully, be unrivalled in your industry: 

Business Overall

  • What will my customers be expecting from us?
  • Do we need to position ourselves differently to stand out?
  • What do I want the business to do differently next year?
  • In the past year, what is the smallest change our company made that had the largest positive results? What was it about that small change that produced the large return?
  • Are there cracks in the systems that need to be fixed asap?
  • What dashboards and reports do I need built so I have a pulse on the business at all times?


  • How are my evergreen marketing emails performing?
  • Is my website conversion working in my favour?
  • Can I report on the entire customer journey?
  • What channels bring in the most leads?
  • What channels convert the best?
  • Have I got automations set up to general referrals?
  • Are sales working on all the leads sent from marketing?

Ads Strategy

  • Have I got a strategy to help generate new leads and customers in the new year?
  • What is the tactical shorter term plan on what ad experiments you’re going to run?
  • How can I use my ads budget more efficiently?


  • What’s a better way of managing leads if marketing were to accelerate more?
  • How can I improve conversion rates?
  • How can I better prioritise certain leads to manage leads better?
  • Do I need better accountability and transparency in deal movements in the team?
  • How can I leverage tech/software and automation to improve efficiency?
  • Is my CRM data trustworthy?

Customer Service

  • Am I able to track progress of my service tickets?
  • Am I leveraging automation enough to “work for me”?
  • Are the ticket distribution across the team even and managed in a consistent manner?

Last thoughts

Nothing is all good or all bad – including this business year. 

Learn from what worked and what didn’t so you can envision the next steps you want to take and start with a fresh eye and optimism.

No one’s always on top of things and even if you’re super organised, it wouldn’t hurt to have a little support to kick your mindset up into high gear and feel better about your business.

If you’ve set-up your goals but have no idea where to start, we can certainly help! You can book a FREE personalised workshop with us – we only have the intention to help you grow so why don’t you try your luck and speak with us?

Hoping that this coming year will be your best ever! And we hope it’s with us 😀